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                                                                                                                                                                  September 2011


The Women’s World Car of the Year is pleased to announce the appointment of two new judges to the voting panel.

They are Alicia Ryzewski from Argentina and Jacqui Madelin from New Zealand. Both have a long and strong history of motoring writing and bring the total number of judges on the panel to 18.

Alicia Ryzewski left her hometown in 1994 to go to Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, studying Communication Sciences at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and journalism.

She joined the Business and automotive sections of her newspaper and in 2008 became editor and led the working group of the new site of Motor Media SA,

She became was responsible for an editorial partnership with AutoData Editor, the leading publisher of Brazil, the largest in the South American market. And like many of the judges in the Women’s World Car of the Year she is a print media, website and radio journalist.

Jacqui Madelin is a former president of the New Zealand Motoring Writers’ Guild has also been a judge for the AA Motoring Excellence Awards, the NZ Bike of the Century, the Ellerslie Concours d’Elegance, and the NZ Motorcycle of the Year and is a long-time board member of the AA Driver Education Foundation.

She is an award winning motoring journalist who began her career writing about motorcycle travel for fun. Offered a job as assistant, then associate editor of a motorcycle magazine, she became a full-time journalist, eventually moving to a car magazine and then going freelance in 2002.

She is the motoring editor for Herald on Sunday (the largest Sunday paper in New Zealand) and writes for a variety of newspapers, magazines and websites.

Jacqui is also a regular participant at the competitive end of economy drive rallies, and fits the occasional pubic speaking engagement between motoring commitments and, as such, she enjoys a very high profile in New Zealand publishing.

Principal organiser of the Women’s World Car of the Year, Sandy Myhre of New Zealand, says the inclusion of both these judges adds an important dimension to the awards. And, she says, it will allow her more time to administer the awards which have grown substantially over the past three years.

Several of the judges from the Women’s World Car of the Year will be at the Frankfurt Motor Show in mid-September to present trophies to Citroen and BMW, as dead-heat winners of the award’s supreme event for the Citroen DS3 and BMW 5 Series. The trophies have this year been made in India.

For further information please contact:
Sandy Myhre

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